Weiss Architecture Studio

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Commercial DESIGN

In a technology centric universe in a state of perpetual flux, the way we access, perceive and process information continuously changes, and with it, the ergonomics, anthropometrics and aesthetics that govern the design of workplaces.

Residential Design

The design of dwellings is an art that is as spiritual as it is aesthetic or functional. This is because, while the designer helps carve a space with the informed acumen and the trained eye of one educated in the realm of the built arts, it is in fact the dreams, aspirations, tastes and stories of the dweller, when woven into the narrative, that truly make a house a home.


Built entities cannot exist in isolation. As volume that finds use as habitat, engenders facilities that enable and define lifestyle and commerce - architecture fosters feelings ranging from attachment to awe, and must thus be treated with the sensitivity this merits.